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This post will contain information about Pokengine's Battle Factory mode. Even if you don't have beta yet, you may be able to play very soon! Watch this thread for more information about the BF's release and beta invites.

If you are given access to play Battle Factory,...

A Direction for Pokéngine

At the moment, development for Pokéngine is focused on the content creators, and not the players. My view of Pokéngine (I'm not sure if this aligns with everyone's views, but I'd bet it's fairly close for the most part) is that there are two main features to it. One is the design tool, content-creation, side of things—letting anyone build up their own ...





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Hey, i'm having trouble getting in-game. when i log on, it says "Your username or password was incorrect!" and that i'm an invalid player. i know for sure that my username and password are correct, i've logged out an back in, too. any help is greatly appreciated!

guys my birthday is next month :D

Has Pokengine died? Since like the start of this month, activity has been near to none?

Everyone has been busy for fall. I'm sure school is a reason behind it. Hopefully this holiday season we will see some strides forward. I hope to see you all around when time allows :D

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i have an idea for megas why dont we have something where there is a chance if you defeat the pokemon you want the mega for you have a low chance to get the mega stone since there will be drops i thought this would be a alternative to go around and find sparkles it was just something that i thought of there might be troubles with legendaries and rare/exclusive pokemon but there could be other ways...

how can i play?

Jext is a dumbutt

Battle engine bugs

Bug 1:
On turn 1, Zerm's Blastoise used Dive on my Charizard. Then, I switched out Charizard for Bulbasaur. On turn 2, Blastoise used Dive and hit Charizard, and THEN I switched. Switching should always be higher priority unless it's pursuit.

Bug 2:
Hail hits substitutes. I'm pretty sure weather effects should just affect the Pokemon's actual HP and not the sub.

Bug 3:...

@ Marsh about Rock Head / recoil moves:

Rock Head doesn't protect against Struggle's recoil or HJK crash damage, but I think they should still be flagged recoil for Reckless. Maybe Rock Head should be coded differently to ignore the recoil line, or each move can check for Rock Head ability, or something.

Also Struggle doesn't work with Reckless either so it shouldn't be flagged at all.

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Fanmon Requests?

Ok so I doubt that I will have the time to create my own pokemon (well for now anyways) but was wondering if there was a thread for fanmon requests?

Anyways, here is my fanmon (fakemon) request:

I would like to see a Beagle looking pokemon (not the design they used for smeargle) that is true to what a beagle actually looks like. I am a bit partial to water pokemon but honestly...

what if we had a downloadable version that could work offline so that people could catch pokemon while they`re away or level up there pokemon

I'm trying to think of sig moves for Tarspook and Spookaye. How's this look?

Wail (Ghostly Wail? Eerie Wail?)
Ghost | Special | Spread move
80 BP | -- acc | 10 PP
Cannot be avoided/hits through protect. Unnerves Pokemon for the rest of the turn.

This move isn't too OP on a P...

Did someone say.... Battle Factory???

help in the game in trapped

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