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Battle Factory is ready for players! If you are interested in playing, read this thread and comment here and we will give you beta access!

If you are given access to play Battle Factory, please do not ask about getting starters or playing through regions. ...

Becoming Part of the Pokengine Community

We're noticing a continuing interest in Pokengine by a large number of people, but it is often hard to distinguish those who seriously are dedicated to contributing to something that at this point is still growing and in an incomplete state, from those who [...

A Direction for Pokéngine

At the moment, development for Pokéngine is focused on the content creators, and not the players. My view of Pokéngine (I'm not sure if this aligns with everyone's views, but I'd bet it's fairly close for the most part) is that there are two main features to it. One is the design tool, content-creation, side of things—letting anyone build up their own ...

may i have beta access

Woah, came across this when i was surfing the internet, Look sweet, would love to play. Beta Access please?!? :D

Hey, Really Loved RuffledRowlit video about this new beta. i would really like access if it is still possible. thanks in advance :)

Hey! Saw Ruffled video on youtube and im big fan of pokemon, any chance for invite ? would be grateful

can i get beta access

i dont know?

I would love to play the beta version if possible please

i would really like to try out the beta game it seems like a blast

Hey can i get beta access? Im a huge pokemon fan

can i be a beta tester?

Hey Guys! I heard about this game though YouTube and was extremely interested! I would love to beta test and help give feedback towards this great idea of a Pokémon MMORPG.. I wish best of luck to all staff on creation and can't wait to be apart of this game at launch!!

Hey Pokengine staff, I would love to beta test this :3

Thanks, ...

Hello Developers. I am a big fan for the idea that you doing for this game and wanted to know if I can assist you in any way in developing graphically the U/I or even helping out to build the website. I'm a web developer and also have experience in creating different UI's different companies and organizations. Just want to volunteer and help out. :)

i want to play the beta

can i have accesess to the game want to play the game rgistered and loged in but when i pressing game its iam not beta tester fix it fast please

May I have beta access?

Online: AmmyShiota514, Koizumi_Koharu

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